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Hello. I am Dr. Seungjin Cha from IFC Dental Clinic.


Welcome to our website!

The IFC Dental Clinic is located across the main building of the International Finance Center in Yeouido, Seoul.

Our dental clinic is certified  by the Ministry of health & welfare to provide dental care especially foreigners.

Relax in our comforting boutique environment, as our professional staff speaks to you in English fluently.

We also use the latest dental techniques and technology to help you receive the best oral health care without any inconvenience.

Please call or email us and we look forward to meeting you.


Thank you.



Meet the Dentist


Dr. Seungjin Cha

- Graduated from department of dentistry, Yonsei University

- Intern and resident at department of prosthetic dentistry, dental hospital, Yonsei University

- Implant Clinic, dental hospital, Yonsei University

- The head of prosthetic dentistry& dental department in Chungpoung army hospital

- Certified dentist of the Korean Academy of Prosthodontics

- Regular member of the Korean Academy of Oral& Maxillofacial Implantology

- Regular member of the Korean Academy of Implant dentistry

- Regular member of the Korean Academy of Esthetic Dentistry


Meet our Staffs


Tour our office

Reception Area

Patient Waiting Area(1)

Patient Waiting Area(2)

Treatment Operatory Room

Surgical operatory Room

Radiography Room(X-rays)



Technology Equipment

- Digital Panorama

- Portable X-ray

- Intra-oral Camera

- Whitening Raser

- High pressure steam sterilizer( Autoclave)

- Water purification system